Echoes of England’s countryside is brought to you by the Natural Spa factory. We take pride in offering products made from the highest purity and potency.


Indian Head Massage – 25 minutes/ 15?

Drift off to your own personal place of serenity with a stimulating shoulder, neck and scalp therapy.

Purifying Back Treatment – 40 minutes/ £40

Specifically designed to clear away congestion and target areas of tension. This deep cleansing back treatment includes a penetrative back and leg massage to renew tired muscles along with a cleanse, exfoliation and mask applied to the back.

Aromatherapy Massage – 25/50/80 minutes / £30, £50, £80

Personalised massage tailor made to your needs using a variety of soothing pressures to stimulate the senses and calm the mind.

Deep Tissue Massage – 25/50/80 minutes / £35, £55, £85

This tension busting massage targets deep muscular tension to alleviate knots and stiffness.

Warm Candle Massage – 25/50/80 minutes / £35, £55, £85

Melt away tired and achy muscles with this deeply relaxing candlelight massage. Rich in essential oils and harmonising fragrances. This treatment will nourish the skin while your therapist works away areas of tension.

Poultice Massage – 50/80 minutes / £60, £90

Step into an oasis of serenity with this comforting, warming, enhanced with steamed poultices


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12th November 2015