No Men Allowed – The Not So Secret Cult of Male Grooming

No Men Allowed – The Not So Secret Cult of Male Grooming

As us ladies can imagine, one of a male’s worst fears is to walk, unchaperoned into a beauty salon and ask for the next available appointment but fear not! I am here to say that men your presence is welcomed too!

Beauty is still considered very much a woman’s game, but the tides are slowly changing and men are steadily getting involved. Making a booking for a manicure and pedicure does not in any way diminish your masculinity. In effect, it enhances many avenues for you. That new interview you received on Monday morning; well-manicured hands go a long way. Grubby finger nails are a no-no. That new date you arranged on Friday night; well-manicured hands scream ‘this guy knows how to look after himself’. Or, that lovely relaxing beach holiday. You no longer have to sprint to the pool, or bury your toes in the sand to conceal those man claws you’ve been hiding all your life. Instead, you can luxuriate in peace knowing your feet are taken care of.

First things first. Generally, whatever treatment a woman has, men can have too. From facials and massages, to waxing and tinting, they are all unisex services readily available to be experienced. These services are there to make you feel good about yourself and unwind from whatever life stresses come your way.

So, the next time you pause about the new facial cream your therapist has in stock or the beauty treatment you dare not think you could have in the past. Remember the flood gates are opening, and they are opening just for you.



Connor Bolton

Executive Manicure – 30 minutes/£20 

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