Manicure & Pedicure




Men's manicure & pedicure



Our professional men’s manicure & pedicure is always a great sign of good maintenance. Whether you want to get your hands ready for that all important interview or rescue your feet from post football stress – we’ve got you covered. Or it could even be you just want a nice pampering treatment. Whatever the case, let us take care of you.

We use the award winning CND brand in our men’s manicure & pedicure to help nourish, hydrate and improve the appearance of over worked hands and feet.

No need for any preparation. Pedicures take place with you sitting on your sofa and Manicures can be done sat at your dining room table or with our own portable table. All you need to do is just relax.


Executive Manicure – 30 minutes/ £30

Kick back and relax whilst your nails are cut and filed, cuticles pushed back and moisturised, nails buffed, finishing with a soothing hand and arm massage.

Executive Pedicure – 45 minutes/ £40 

Focusing on hard skin removal and cuticle work, put your best foot forward and recline in an experience of luxury. This treatment includes nails cut and filed, hard skin removed,exfoliation, cuticles pushed back and moisturised, nails buffed and foot and leg massage.


Executive Manicure & Pedicure – £65