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Specialising in Hollywood and Brazilian waxing. We know what to do to provide quick, and efficient waxing with minimal pain.

Perron Rigot is our brand of choice. Their hot waxes are made with extremely well made ingredients that are very delicate to the skin.

Hot wax only! We believe for the best waxing experience hot wax should be used. This is why we only preform your Hollywood and Brazilian waxing with this.

Disposables always! We do not contaminate our waxes. Disposable spatulas are used for every dip, to ensure a clean and hygienic service. Gloves are also worn, and clean couch roll provided for you to lay on and protect surfaces.

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Intimate Waxing


Bikini Wax


All hairs removed from outside the standard knicker line.


Extended Bikini Wax


All hair removed from


Brazilian Wax


Landing strip or triangle left. All other hair removed from the front and back.


Hollywood Wax


All hair removed from the front and back.


Benefits of using Hot Wax


  • Extremely kinder to your skin. The wax only sticks to the hair, and not your skin unlike traditional strip wax.
  • Less painful
  • Can treat bigger treatment areas
  • Excellent for removing strong/coarse hair
  • Gentle on sensitive skins


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